KDU believes in “People Inspire People”

Listen to the stories from some of our ACCA affiliates who are celebrated for the inspiration they brought to each other.

KDU – CAT & ACCA Prize Winners


jh“I’m a firm believer that you get what you put in and never expect more unless you’re willing to contribute more. This applies to all situation but not to everyone.If you put 100% effort to memorise but understand nothing about the knowledge, it is a total waste of time as you do not know how to apply the knowledge. “

Tieh Jien Hern (PAC Club Vice President 2017)CAT Top Scorer June 2016 –  FMA 99% ,FFA 98% ,FTX 89% ,FFM 87%

Loy Hui Eng“As I am actively involved in PAC Club events, tackling time management could be a struggle. The key to achieve a balance is accuracy and speed.”

Loy Hui Eng (PAC Club President 2016)
ACCA F5 Prize Winner – 1st placing in Malaysia for December 2015 examination


Chua Qin Eion“For those of you who are studying ACCA and working at the same time, it can be very challenging but rewarding at the same time. We are in a unique position to learn in theory and see it in practice. Having said that, avoid the “study to pass” trap and enjoy the journey of learning.”

Chua Qin Eion
ACCA P2 Prize Winner – 1st placing in Malaysia for December 2014 examination

Joyce Cropped 2“Love what you’re doing, and it will be easier. Having personal interest in the course that you chose to take up definitely helps.”
Loy Hui Eng
CAT MA1 Prize Winner – World 1st placing for June 2014 examination


CWC“F8 is a challenging subject because most students would prefer computation subject rather than theoretical subject. There are a lot to understand and to learn, but I believe it will contribute to my career .Mr Joey is a nice lecturer. He is both helpful and resourceful.”

Cho Wei Chuen
ACCA F8 Prize Winner – 1st placing in Malaysia for Dec 2012 examination

Cui-Mei“I have studied for all my CAT and ACCA papers at KDU. The approachable and knowledgeable lecturers, together with helpful support staff, made the whole process so much easier and enjoyable”

Cui Mei
ACCA Affiliates in June 2013
CAT T10 Prize Winner – 1st placing in Malaysia for Dec 2010 examination


KDU ACCA Affiliates in June 2016

ps“Never be afraid to push your limits and always aim for the moon, chances are if you missed you would fall among the stars. Be discipline and focus on your goal, but remember to enjoy the journey.  “

Ng Pui San
ACCA Afffiliates in June 2016


kim“You will most probably hear from many that ACCA is a “high difficulty level” course. True, the route in acquiring a professional qualification is tough and challenging.  Even so, I can assure you that ACCA is definitely doable. Last piece of advice: Accept ACCA as a challenge, have faith and believe you can do it.”

Kimberly Chin Kim Li
ACCA Afffiliates in June 2016

KDU ACCA Affiliates in December 2015

Iis Sahanaya - zoom

“I was certain that I wanted to study ACCA because it is globally recognised and it is one of the leading professional accountancy bodies in the world. My studies was an enriching experience and I’m glad that I have made the right choice.”

Iis Sahanaya
ACCA Afffiliates in December 2015

Soh Sin Yearn - zoom“I was awarded with scholarships in pursuance of CAT and ACCA. The reason I have chosen ACCA is that it is a well-recognised professional accountancy body over the globe. Further to that, ACCA qualification is also one of the most flexible and fastest pathways for me to achieve my dreams.”

Soh Sin Yearn
ACCA Afffiliates in December 2015

KDU ACCA Affiliates in September 2015 

Wong Jun Mun-zoom

“As a high school leaver with below average grades, taking up a professional course seemed impossible. Passing ACCA papers on the 1st attempt is never as tough as you imagine. If efforts are put in, it will guarantee success.”

Wong Jun Mun
ACCA Afffiliates in June 2015

KDU ACCA Affiliates in December 2014 

Kok Wei Ming

“I believe in ‘no pain, no gain’. Every student must work hard towards passing the qualification. There is no shortcut.  Make sure you lay a solid foundation in the fundamental papers so that you are ready to tackle the professional papers.”

Kok Wei Ming
ACCA Afffiliates in December 2014


Tan Jun Meng

“Never give up! Failure is temporary, but defeat is permanent. The moment you give up is the moment you are defeated. There is no foolproof method to passing. What worked for me is practice and more practice.”

Tan Jun Meng
ACCA Afffiliates in December 2014


Kow Jian Foong

“Time management is a key factor that contributed to my success of becoming an ACCA Affiliate. A tip for passing the exam that I can give is to study consistently, and try to summarise the knowledge in your own words for better understanding.”

Kow Jian Foong
ACCA Afffiliates in December 2014


KDU ACCA Affiliates in June 2014


“Conquering ACCA is not only knowledge focus but also mental toughness. Never give up trying and learning, be confident enough to do the best.”

Ng Kah Yeng
ACCA Afffiliates in June 2014